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Chipotle Uses Video to Promote Local Sourcing

My Bullshit Meter goes off when I see fast food chains trying to position themselves as being friendly and supportive of small farms. Some marketing of local food support is utter nonsense and downright missing the point. For example, we kept seeing billboards from McDonald’s stating how they use “Local Michigan Eggs” which left me […]

Vegan Curried Sweet Potatoes

Finding a new food blog full of amazing vegan (or vegetarian) recipes makes my life planning 3 to 4 vegetarian meals a week a whole lot easier. We are trying to eat half of our dinners without meat so I’ve been spending some time searching for some great recipes. I was happily surprised to find […]

Bagel Bites Now "Wholesome"

If this ad doesn’t illustrate what’s wrong with food marketing, I don’t know what does. If you want to learn more checkout their website to “get the real story”: http://www.bagelbites.com/simply-wholesome.aspx One would think the ingredients of a bagel bite is cheese, tomatoes and “wholesome” bread (bagel), but look at the label and there are 37 […]

Supermarket Pastoral: An Introduction

What is “Supermarket Pastoral”? A full definition is here on the NY Times website. In brief, it’s a phrase developed by author Michael Pollan referring to companies marketing the bucolic life of our food’s origins through their use of language on packaging. I read a lot of supermarket pastoral as I frequently visit small, health […]

My First Attempt at an Alice Waters’ Recipe

It’s no secret to those who read this blog regularly that I am an advocate of local food, but I’m just another person in this movement. The chef most responsible for giving local food a renewed prominence is without a doubt Alice Waters. Her restaurant Chez Panisse is a mecca for the local food movement. […]

Orecchiette with Kale and Cherry Tomatoes

This is a very simple dish and a great way to put some fresh kale to use. It’s likely even people who do not normally like kale will find it enjoyable in this dish. Best part this dish takes less than 15 minutes including preparation. Orecchiette with Kale and Cherry Tomatoes Serves 4 1 lb […]

Spotlight On "Fresh" Orange Juice

One thing films like Food Inc and authors like Michael Pollan have caused me to do is ask where does my food come from. We buy 95% of our meats from a local ranch and about 40% of our food from local farmer’s markets during the late spring to early fall months. The rest of […]

What to do with a Dragon Fruit? Will It Blend?

I was at Jimmy’s Food Store, an Italian market in downtown Dallas, picking up some pancetta for another recipe and noticed a peculiar, yet beautiful pink fruit. It is called Dragon Fruit and sold that day for $3.99. I bought one unsure what I would or could do with it. It was definitely an impulse, […]