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A Case for “Special Occasion Food”

  I predominantly make sustainable food choices.  Eating three to four times a week vegetarian, buying my food from local, small farms, and shopping organic when local options are unavailable make up how our family eats.  A big part of being sustainable is avoiding processed and fast foods. That said it is great making better […]

Salad with Chicken, Chickpeas, Beans and Avocado

This dish has been favorite of our home all summer. It is made with simple ingredients and can easily be modified if an item or two was missed at the last market visit. Salad with Chicken, Chickpeas, Beans and Avocado Serves 4 1/2 lb wax beans, washed and thinly sliced 1 can chickpeas, drained 1/2 […]

Hello Ragu, Welcome to 2011. Dads can Cook!

  What an obnoxious play on stereotypes. Ragu, yes that company that makes jarred sauces, is using moms to promote their latest recipe campaign with a YouTube video that insults dads titled Dad Cooks Dinner: What is Dinnertime Like When Dad Cooks? So I obviously cook and can easily put a jarred spaghetti sauce like […]

Review: Candle Cafe in New York City

One of the most compelling attributes of New York City is its rich variety of restaurants. A stroll down any avenue or side street is like walking down the cookbook aisle of a bookstore.  You are sure to pass steakhouses, Italian cafes, Indian houses, French bistros, and just about anything else your palate desires.  Choosing […]

Consumers Defend McDonald’s Vehemently in Comments

  It’s an interesting phenomena I’m sure we will see more and more of as our nation’s obesity rate climbs from 33% today to 50% by 2030 – the defense of fast food.  Within the past month I’ve read two articles critical of McDonald’s and watched virtually the same public outrage repeat itself in each […]

Dadgum Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken

I had the pleasure a couple weeks ago to meet the President/CEO of Masterbuilt, a company that makes fryers, smokers and grills. John McLemore was here in Dallas making a stop on his DADGUM, That’s Good! book tour. I remember seeing the email invitation thinking I’m not sure I even know how to pronounce “dadgum” […]

Supermarket Pastoral: Chickpea Miso

I kept seeing this product called Chickpea Miso at Whole Foods and finally had a good reason to buy it. It definitely makes its case for attention promoting its “entirely handcrafted in the centuries-old Japanese farmhouse tradition” process. You can even see what that is all about thanks to a 2010 Cooking Channel feature highlighting […]

Grown-up Top Ramen: Udon Noodels and Vegetables

We were coming back from an early evening photo shoot for the boys. Stephanie bought a deal on Living Social and we spent some time out at Arbor Hills Park in Plano. It was the typical rush from work, get caught in some traffic, and then come back home get the kids ready for bed […]

Baja Chicken Tacos from The Savvy Spoon Blog

I’m discovering several types of food snobs in Texas. There is the Tex-Mex snob who will tell you where to go for the best Tex-Mex, usually in some Texas town you’ve never heard of or one that is at least a 4 hour drive from wherever you are currently. Then there is the BBQ snob.  […]

Basic Red Sauce, the Essential Ingredient

  With two sick kids during the Labor Day Weekend, I had plenty of time to prepare some sauces to freeze for later.  It had been awhile since I made Mario Batali’s Basic Red Sauce recipe. It is a staple in my kitchen and each batch of the recipe makes 4 cups of sauce. I […]