Butternut Squash Vegetable Wraps


  Pasadena is nuts on New Year’s Eve and I’m not just talking about the night.  All day long the city is taken over with preparations for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl.  We decided for a second year to venture to the insanity next to the Rose Bowl where all of the Michigan State [...]

A Simple Pot Roast on Christmas Day


Slow cooking is one of the best ways to enjoy a home cooked after a busy day.  This busy day was Christmas here in Los Angeles where it was a crisp 80 degrees outside.  So we needed something comforting and cozy after opening gifts and sledding. Sledding? Yes, sledding. See we decided to get into [...]

Adding Some Activity to Time Outs


So our latest parental attempt at trying to reduce the battle royal that is brotherhood is to do the Bart Simpson Chalkboard thing.  Write the behavior you will no longer do multiple times. With no chalkboard in our home, a scrap piece of paper works good enough. It remains to be scene if this is effective; [...]

A Moment to Reflect on Someone Very Special to Me

Grandpa and grandma

Last week I lost the relative I was closest to in my family, my grandma Laddie Yamada. She was quite the influence in my life and someone I will never forget. No one really forgets their grandparents, so that is nothing unusual; however, I had a situation with my grandparents that is still relatively unusual [...]

Our Mario Kart Family History


It all began around age 2.  The boys would play Mario Kart on the Wii with me. I would sit on the couch and they would stand in front of me. Holding the Wii steering wheel they would move the wheel side to side as I controlled the turns holding their elbows while they pressed [...]

Spending the Day Picking Berries


  A conversation at home. What are we going to do this long weekend? How about picking blueberries? Why? Can’t we just buy them already picked? But It’s fun. Really? Let’s just do it. What else is there to do today? And that is how we ended up at the Underwood Farm in Ventura County [...]

It’s a Rough Life


Most of my K-12 eduction was in Portland, Oregon where there was a lot of rain. Seriously, a lot. The nearest beach was a good couple hour drive and when you arrived there it was rocky and the wind would blow away any object you put on the sand that was less than 20 pounds. [...]

An Appreciation for Home Cooking Begins at Home


I was reading an interview with food author Michael Pollan earlier today. He did an interview with Grub Street NY as part of the promotional tour for his new book Cooked. The interview talked a lot about Pollan’s experience with food through his family and mostly from his mother. This got me thinking about my [...]

“Robots are Cool”


It’s imagination like this that makes me want to be more child-like.  Theo had an assignment today at school to share what he would buy with a $100. Admittedly, it is a bit of an odd assignment.  I don’t like the commercialism of the task or the idea that it takes money to have a [...]

Gaming In-App Purchases and How to Prevent Them


I hate — emphasis on hate — games that use In-App Purchases (IAPs) especially games targeted at small children.  It’s been a vicious sneaky way for app developers to make some big money before parents wise up to what is going on while an innocent child doesn’t fully understand what they are doing to mom [...]