About Me

It all started in the early 1990s when I learned how to cook my first dish – chicken stir fry. It was a simple first dish to make and sparked my interest to learn more. For a couple summer vacations during college, I took  a variety of cooking classes learning french bistro cooking, “gourmet” pizza, and soups.  Since those early days, I’ve become the one who makes the meals, while my wife Stephanie is an excellent baker.

A couple years ago, our food choices took a big shift after the film Food Inc. (more on that here.) Understanding where our food comes from causes all sorts of ethical and environmental issues which brings me to “sustainable.” Sustainable food is all about raising food and animals in a way that is healthy for both.

Besides my love of food, I also am a self-confessed car enthusiast. I love Top Gear (UK) and have been a BMW CCA member for 15 years. I also have authored a popular car blog – Auto Marketing Blog – since 2008 that’s been featured in AdAge, various automotive blogs and podcasts.

In my professional life, I am the Executive Director of Digital at GolinHarris and live in Los Angeles, CA with my wife and twin boys.

To contact me about advertising, blogger outreach, or anything food related I can be reached at: sustainabledad@yahoo.com