I’m discovering several types of food snobs in Texas.

There is the Tex-Mex snob who will tell you where to go for the best Tex-Mex, usually in some Texas town you’ve never heard of or one that is at least a 4 hour drive from wherever you are currently.

Then there is the BBQ snob.  This type of Texas food snob will inform you about the best place ever somewhere not listed in the Yellow Pages. No you will find it on the side of the road, isolated from every form of civilization, except someone decided to plop down a double-wide and hang a sign out advertising BBQ ribs and chicken.  Wooden picnic tables come standard.

I’m quickly becoming the other kind of snob – the dreaded taco snob. If the taco has lettuce in it, the restaurant will be forever known as Taco Bell-ish or Chi-Chi’s-like. Then there is the tortilla, is it too doughy or too dry or too greasy?  Is the meat properly seasoned? Is there enough cilantro or did they forget the cilantro?  If you haven’t read my Gas Station Tacos blog, you are missing the sad, pathetic monster I am becoming…

So, when it comes to tacos — I am unbearable, which brings me to my making some Baja Tacos from The Savvy Spoon blog.  In full disclosure, I know the blogger as we have some common friends and both attended a Social Media Club event where we met. Cayla is a fellow California native who is also now here in Dallas.

I noticed the Baja Taco recipe while reading her blog last weekend and decided it looked like a good option after work. It’s simple. I could make the chicken before I left for work and I had all the ingredients without a stop at the grocery store.

One of the ingredients did make me hesitate: the use of packet McCormick’s Hot Taco Seasoning. I actually had some in my spice cabinet since I used to use it for ground beef hard shell tacos in my B.T.I.T..S. (Before Turning Into a Taco Snob) phase. Yes I know it reads “Be Tits”. Oh well, it just came out that way by accident. I swear.

If I had to do this recipe again, I’d remove the packet.  It’s far too salty. Instead, I’d substitute the following:

1 Tablespoon Cumin
1 tsp Paprika
1/2 tsp Ground Cayenne
ground pepper to taste
and reduce the water from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup

I think that would improve the flavor and take away the excessive salt from the McCormick’s product. Other than that change, I think the tacos are a good option for a simple after work dinner.

Thanks Cayla. I hope you’ll understand my change as I am a taco snob.

For the recipe and other great recipes and food finds checkout The Savvy Spoon Blog.