It’s the Fifth Anniversary of my automotive Super Bowl ads analysis with fellow journalist Melanie Batenchuk from BeCarChic.  We took a look at all the car ads that ran during last night’s game.  There were a couple standouts for sure.

The big theme across many advertisers was the emphasis on dads.  Unlike prior years where puppies and babies ruled, this year was clearly the year of the dad in parenting.  Central to that was Nissan’s #WithDad campaign that brought the idea to life in a 90-second spot, Nissan’s first Super Bowl ad in 18 years. The story was told using one of my favorite childhood songs (yes, I’m that old) Harry Chapin’s ‘Cats In the Cradle’. Sure it is a bit awkward  considering Chapin died in a car crash in real life, but the song does tell about that distance of father and son which the ad does touch on; though, in a different way than the song.

Remove the real life history of Chapin and the ad does hold up as it is about the bound of father and son which does resonate with Nissan’s attempt at celebrating dads.

All in all, it wasn’t the best night of Super Bowl ads but there were some winners. Read more about our automotive coverage on BeCarChic “Super Bowl Auto Ads 2015 | 5th Annual “He Said, She Said” Analysis with Chris Baccus”