UPDATE: I watched the show this week. It’s a train wreck. Bad directing. Bad jokes. Obnoxious expressions. Tons of stupid gimmicks. This show will not last. It is painful to watch unless someone decides to rework it and make it more about the food instead of trying to be funny and cool.  Oh well, maybe some day there will be a good vegan cooking show that doesn’t insult my intelligence and use words like “funkalicious.”

Like most cable channels the Cooking Channel and the Food Network have been taken over by reality show competitions and less about learning how to cook that is why I’m happy to see a new show that gets back to cooking.  Yes cooking. You know learning a few recipes, enjoying the craft from a chef, and then trying it at home as opposed to watching four people I’ve never heard of coming up with disgusting concoctions using canned sardines and candy canes.

I remember great cooking shows like Mario Batali’s Molto Mario that taught simple, amazing Italian recipes to the masses. Perhaps this show can do that with vegetarian cooking.

The best part is this new show is entirely focused on plant based recipes, no meat.  Also organic, non-GMO, and some raw food people can learn to make.  How to Live to 100 debuts this Sunday at 5pm PST.  Bonus, the host Jason Wrobel is Detroit native

My only concern, since I haven’t yet seen this show, is it may be trying to be too clever. Jason describes the show as part cooking show sitcom, part comedy show, part man on the street. Three concepts in one. He claims they still manage to fit four recipes into each 30 minute show.

Guess we’ll see how much cooking really happens, but it is great to see a Detroiter bring vegetarian cooking to the masses in what looks to be a promising show in 2013!

More info: [Cooking Channel Website]

Jason’s YouTube Channel: [The J-Wro Show]