This week Dove Men+Care launched a new commercial “First Fatherhood Moments” as part of their larger #RealStrength campaign focusing on dads. It’s a look at the emotional impact one gets when a man realizes he is going to be a dad. There is a full range of emotions in the ad from celebration, to tears, to shock.

It’s a commercial that made me go back over 10 years to when I learned my wife was pregnant. Sadly, I can’t even remember that day. I remember the day we both found out that we were having twins. My wife was having some pain and thought it might be a tube pregnancy, but when we went in for an ultrasound at 7 weeks because of the pain, we found out there were two on the way.


That day was pretty amazing. I recall none of our parents initially believing us since we had been married for 9 years before finally trying for kids. Let’s just say a lot of people figured we were going to skip being parents by that point. So calling and saying we are going to have twins was met with some suspicion. I remember sitting in our car calling a few family members and sharing our excitement and yes some fear.


It’s an amazing moment when you know you are going to be a dad. Most of us can remember that exact moment; though, I was a bit shell-shocked by the news of twins so that memory is far more vivid for me.

The first moment feels so long ago and honestly there are so many more memorable moments since then. One was this past Sunday when the boys and I attended an afternoon basketball camp with former NBA player Robert Horry. It was a lot of fun spending the day together as we switched from offense to defense.


This Father’s Day we are spending the weekend swimming and tubing as a family. Like many past Father’s Days, it’s time to do what I want with the family I love.

If you want, you too can share a ‘First Fatherhood Moment’ from your life with @DoveMenCare on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


DISCLOSURE: Dove invited me to attend an afternoon basketball camp with former NBA player Robert Horry. Thoughts and opinions are my own.