Thank you Scary Mommy blog for sharing the news today about Kiddle.  Internet search has been a bit of an issue for parents who let their kids have tablets or use the computer. Today that issue is reduced with a new Google website called that offers more family friendly search results.

I tried a few searches that might come up with the current election year.  I went with Melania Trump because there are some interesting articles and lists about her. For the most part both Google and Kiddle were kid friendly though it didn’t take long to scroll down Google and find some sexy photos of Mrs. Trump which doesn’t make Google bad, but for parents that want less skin in their search results, Kiddle seems to meet the need.


Results are also easier to read and come with a thumbnail image to the left of each result.  Most results point to wikipedia or pbs and avoid the Buzzfeed and entertainment news sites that have a more adult slant to them.

It is worth trying it out and I’m definitely adding a bookmark icon to our boys’ tablets for when they want to do searches online.

Tryout Kiddle yourself at: