Greens and Goat Cheese Gratin

One of the best corporate blogs out there is the one from Whole Foods.  They feature a lot of great information about their products, values, and of course share some recipes.  Of course with a highly educated, food conscious customer, Whole Foods needs to find a way to connect with its audience.

Tonight they definitely connected with me.

One of the best parts of adopting a more vegetarian diet at home is the increase of casseroles and gratins.  Not sure what the difference is? A gratin is basically anything with a crumbled top or gratin cheese topping.  For this recipe, the crumbled top is wheat thin crackers. We converted to Whole Foods 365 brand wheat crackers years ago since it has considerably less sugar than Wheat Thins.

This recipe is also quite flexible. It makes 8 servings; though; I’d say it makes closer to 6 servings if used as a meal instead of a side.  I cut the recipe in half making enough for 2 meals and an extra lunch for one of us tomorrow.

Full Recipe: Greens and Goat Cheese Gratin

  • Charlotte74

    I live in France so eating more casseroles and gratins is not a problem…

  • cbaccus

    Thanks Charlotte. I think casseroles have a bad stigma in the U.S. with home cooks because we all remember the travesties of 1970s cooking and all the canned vegetables and canned soups used to make casseroles back then. Fortunately, France and others kept quality casserole cooking alive. I have to say I really do enjoy them because they’re so easy to make.

  • Thanks Chris, I love casseroles. I’ve continued making them over the years, but never with canned soups or canned vegetables. Looks like I’ve got a recipe to try out later this week.