Gruyere Cheese Puffs for #SundaySupper


I was vigorously beating the eggs into the flour, water, salt, and butter mixture when my wife walked into the kitchen with a look of disappointment.

“I thought you were cleaning,” she shares with me.

“Nope, just making cheese puffs,” I reply.

It was long after dinner and we were getting ready to watch the film Chef. I was looking forward to the film since it premiered at SxSW earlier this year. Some warm cheese puffs and glass of wine was a great way to enjoy a film about a love of food.

This recipe is one I learned over 20 years ago when I took a French Bistro cooking course at the local community college. It had been a good 10 plus years since I’ve made it and well I still got it. They came out perfect and made for an excellent movie snack.


Gruyere Cheese Puffs
Makes 30-40

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter
1 cup water
1 cup flour
4-5 eggs
3/4 cup gruyere cheese, shredded

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Add the salt, butter and water to a pot on high heat. Heat until a boil and immediately turn down the heat to low and add the cup of flour. Stir with a wooden spoon and add 3 eggs and beat vigorously until shiny and well blended. Add another egg and beat to combine until the mixture has a shine and drops from the spoon. Add the final egg if needed. Finally add half the shredded cheese and stir to combine.


Place tablespoon sized drops of mixture on to a buttered cookie sheet and sprinkle with gruyere cheese.  Cook for 20-25 minutes until puffy and about to brown.


Serve with a glass of wine and enjoy!


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  • Kathia Rodriguez

    They look so crispy and good. Welcome Back! Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks. It’s about time I get back into Sunday supper!

  • I love making these for company, too! But I need to add the sprinkling of Gruyere at the end…nice touch!

  • Renee Goerger

    I just watched the movie Chef too but didn’t have Gruyere cheese puffs to enjoy as I watched it. Who needs popcorn? These looks delicious!
    Renee – Kudos Kitchen

    • It’s a good flm with or without cheese puffs. Thanks

  • Tara

    Those are gorgeous and the perfect snack food to watch Chef which I have seen twice already, loved it. I adore making cheese puffs, besides your arm getting a work out they aren’t very hard at all.

    • Agreed Tara they are pretty easy. I forgot just how easy until now.

  • Amanda Boyarshinov

    Yum – great to serve with guests

  • Ohhh those sound perfect for a movie nibble with a glass of wine! I still haven’t seen Chef 🙁

    • It finally showed up in our Netflix mailing. It’s definitely worth a watch.

  • Move over cheesy popcorn, there is a new favorite movie snack in the house! Your gougères look absolutely perfect, Chris. Didn’t you LOVE “Chef”??

    • Oh but I love cheesy Popcorn too. Can I have both? And yes Chef was great. Really enjoyed the stop at Franklin BBQ in Austin. That place is my favorite restaurant in America.

      • Of course, you can. And I’ll probably join you. 🙂

  • Yum yum yum!!!

  • Great film! And a very gourmet way to enjoy the movies =) Thank you for the recipe for the scrumptious looking cheese puffs =)

    • Thanks. Yes I felt like a chef watching it 😉

  • Laura Dembowski

    I loved Chef, but I think I might love these puffs more!

    • I’m with you. The puffs were better but the film was pretty good too.

  • Susan Pridmore

    Chef is one of my favorite movies I’ve seen this year! I wish we’d had something like these little cheese puffs to eat while we were watching it though. They look wonderful!!

  • Sarah | Curious Cuisiniere

    These look too perfect! I bet they taste amazing!

    • I thought so. Though my twin 8-year olds didn’t feel the same. Someday they’ll convert, I’m sure.

  • Hezzi-D

    I will seriously eat anythign with cheese. These look super easy to make and perfect for popping in my mouth as a snack.

  • We LOVE these around here! Too much in fact 😉

    • Haha. Yeah I can see this becoming a regular habit since it’s so easy.

  • Shaina Wizov

    Ever since I had my first taste of gruyere cheese, I can’t get enough of it! These are perfect party appetizers.

  • Shannon R

    Oh, these look like a fantastic snack. I’d probably be looking at a double batch at least, hehe!

    • Still some leftover today but they’re gone now. Double batch would’ve been smart 😉

  • Mmmm….I love Gruyere. These look fantastic!

  • Camilla Mann

    We are settling down to watch “Chef” tonight. Not sure I’m as motivated as you are…But I will definitely make these soon. Thanks for sharing with #SundaySupper.

  • Ala Shih

    Daw, I love your storytelling style already, I can tell! Did you like Chef? My friend and I went to watch it in theaters when it came out but the tickets were completely sold out, so we watched Boyhood instead. I’d be down to rent it and watch with a batch of these cheese puffs, though 🙂

    • You love my quick story and get right to the recipe? And here I thought I was being lazy. 🙂 Thanks for the comment and I still need to see Boyhood. Heard it’s very good.

  • Shelby

    I love that you had these with wine while watching a movie. Way better than soda and popcorn! I am going to remember this. I have always loved the choux pastry and never thought about eating it in the savory way with wine until your post!

  • Marion Myers

    Ooh I haven’t seen Chef yet! I am looking forward to it. What a great way to enjoy a foodie movie. Your cheese puffs look and sound fantastic. Gruyere is one of my favorite cheeses. Yummmm

    • It’s a fun film for us foodies and the cheese puffs were a decadent way to enjoy. 🙂 Thanks Marion.

  • Katie @ The Perfect Brownie

    These look easy enough to make even with kids running about underfoot! I’ll have to give these a shot. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Cindys Recipes

    These look perfect for snacking or serving at parties!

  • So, when your wife was chowing down on these delicious cheese puffs, was she still mad you weren’t cleaning? I just love making pate au choux pastries. I almost love making them more than eating them. My grandma always made cream puffs, so whenever I make pate au choux, I think of her.

  • Steph Drives Green

    They look scrumptious! Immediately reminded me of the pao de quejio shared by a Brazilian coworker (so thankful for international colleagues!!). This site has a few different recipes for them (not endorsing — haven’t tried these recipes) http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/easy_brazilian_cheese_bread/