I love Hatch Chiles.  Like many, I had no clue what a Hatch Chile was until I moved to Texas, but they are getting more familiar and Melissa’s Produce had a Hatch Chile roasting today at South Pasadena’s Bristol Farms.  Sadly, I missed this roast but did make it to the market and picked up some chiles and some hatch chile cream cheese the market sold too.

Tonight’s University of Michigan vs Alabama game was an appropriate setting for some stuffed poppers.  Sadly, the game was a bust but these chiles turned out fabulous.

Hatch Chile Bacon Wrapped Poppers
Serves 4

4 Large Hatch Chiles, cut in half and seeded
4 oz cream cheese
8 slices of bacon

Turn on the grill or broiler and start putting together the poppers. Fill each Hatch Chile with cream cheese then wrap a bacon slice around it and use a toothpick at each end to hold the bacon to the chile.

Grill for about 10-15 minutes turning every few minutes getting them charred, not burned.