I love to eat lamb. Unfortunately, my wife grew up with her favorite stuffed animal – Lambert – a small, raggedy lamb at her side all through childhood. No thanks to Lambert, there is zero lamb served in our house.  Sadly this caused me to improvise on a classic Indian Kerala Lamb Stew. What doesn’t replace lamb? Beef. The gamy, rich flavor is instead substituted for a chuck beef.  Oh well.

This Kerala Stew recipe is the third recipe I’ve done from At Home with Madhur Jaffrey’s cookbook. I highly recommend her book and have found all of the dishes full of flavor, plus simple to make. However, this one lacked a richness which I’m sure had more to do with the substitution of beef.

To accompany the dish, I picked up some Roti, squash curry and chana masala at Namaste grocery store in Irving, Texas.  It’s also the place I go for fresh curry leaves since non-Indian markets do not carry fresh curry leaves.