Remember when the federal government claimed pizza a vegetable because it has tomato sauce?  Whether you do or do not, it doesn’t really matter as every parent knows school lunch is a joke. A really, really sad joke which is why our family packs a lunch everyday; though, in an ironic twist we do let the boys buy lunch when it is pizza day every other week.

To bring more awareness to how sad our Nation’s school lunches are – and they are sad because of big, money hungry companies looking for a place to dump their lowest quality food products, The American Heart Association is looking to re-authorize the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Offerman whose role as the meat eating Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation and the author of his latest book Gumption brings a subdued outrage to what is happening in our schools.


While I hope there is some change in school lunch programs, I’m doubtful lunches will ever be as healthy as the ones we pack at home.  That said, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 is an effort to improve the situation for many families especially those who receive free school lunch.  When I was a kid and my single mom was on public assistance, we would wait in line for free cheese and other food products and also received assistance through free school lunches.  It’s a great program for families in need. Sadly, the free lunches have become some unhealthy and contribute to the childhood obesity issues so prevalent today.

Please take a moment to visit Protect School Meals and let your political representatives know you want to see positive change.

Thank you.