Orzo with Walnut Pesto, Olives and Feta

I’m only a week away now from ending my time cooking at the hotel.  The house is ready August 1st and while I’ve enjoyed the challenge of making meals with a limited kitchen I am excited about having a full kitchen soon.

If you haven’t figured it out, it’s fairly easy making pasta in a small kitchen.  All I needed for this recipe was a 4 quarter stock pot that I had brought with me; though, Extended Stay America does have a small pan you can use to boil pasta.

The thing I constantly find I miss as I cook in a hotel kitchenette are bowls – mixing bowls to be precise. To get around this I’ll cook my pasta then drain it and use the pot I just made the pasta in as a mixing bowl.  For this recipe I combined the drained pasta, pesto, feta, olives and lemon juice.

I really like this recipe, for hotel cooking, because it takes only 10 minutes to make. I recommend buying some pre-made pesto. I found some Walnut Pesto at the Studio City Farmers Market last Sunday which was a nice substitution.

One pound of pasta makes enough for three meals so you can easily use this for a couple dinners and a lunch or a couple lunches and a dinner. Enjoy.

Full Recipe: Orzo Salad with Spinach Pesto, Olives & Feta.

  • StephsFuelCell

    This looks great (though I’ll sub pine nuts pesto when I try it)!  Pasta is a winner in my hotel cooking, though in warm weather, I’ll eat the first dish warm, then eat the leftovers cold.  Here’s mine: rotelli pasta, corn, zucchini &/or other squash, bell pepper, sweet onion — can also add fresh garlic, fresh chopped basil, olives, sundried tomatoes (or fresh ones if you like ’em — sorry!), cucumber, & any other veggies or whole beans you like.  Dress it w/a vinaigrette, balsalmic & oil, or Italian + mustard (relied on those little takeout packets once!); fresh ground pepper is a nice addition!
    ps I completely agree with you on the need for storage containers w/hotel cooking — it’s wonderful to have all those fresh veggies to make a meal, but then you end up with enough food to feed you for a few meals.