It all began around age 2.  The boys would play Mario Kart on the Wii with me. I would sit on the couch and they would stand in front of me. Holding the Wii steering wheel they would move the wheel side to side as I controlled the turns holding their elbows while they pressed the accelerator button.

Eventually the boys told me to stop holding their elbows and they proceeded to turn the cars erratically into walls, off cliffs and into water.  The sharp turns soon turned into smooth controlled turns around corners and they stayed on course getting better and better with each gameplay.

Now after five years of playing Mario Kart on Wii and now Wii U and 3DS, the boys wanted to be Mario and Luigi for Halloween. Looking at the store bought costumes they needed something special so I decided to build Mario Karts.

The Karts are rather simple to build.  You’ll need the following materials for 2 karts:

2 small packing boxes
1 large sheet black poster board
1 roll of white duct tape
4 push button battery operated lights
2 sets of suspenders
2 cans of spray paint (1 green, 1 red)
aluminum foil, 4 sheets for headlight cutouts
1 x-acto knife
1 box cutter

Cut each box into two sides curving the front and back to give the car some shape, making sure the front is flat enough to fit the lights. Cut a front/hood top piece and a smaller rear/trunk piece.  Tape the heck of out if on the inside and crease hood and trunk pieces of cardboard so they can fit the shape of the sides.

Spray paint the boxes doing two coats, do an optional primer coat to make it look even better.

Using the white duct tape add racing stripes

Using the white duct tape make the circle letters.  It’s best to place the tape on a removable surface (sticker backing) into the shape of a square and then use the x-acto knife to cut the circular shape and letter outline. Cut out the holes for the headlights and line the edges with aluminum foil. Add the headlights by duct taping them to the inside.

Cut four wheels out of the poster board. Using a small desert plate as a stencil helps.  Attach the wheels with glue (note the photos here don’t have the wheels attached.)

Attach the suspenders and go trick-or-treating!