California Candy Kitchen

Oscar and Theo were recently discussing what kind of work they’d like to be doing when they grew older.  One of their more inventive ideas is to open a new dinning establishment built to cater to the dream diet of the 5 year old consumer.  Their favorite place to eat, I’m sad to say, is California Pizza Kitchen.  To better serve their personal tastes, they plan to open California Candy Kitchen.  When I asked what that is, they told me a restaurant that serves a large variety of candy and cheese pizza!

I tell this story because it’s adorable, but I also share it because it’s about as ridiculous as news today announcing the Department of Agriculture has gotten Congress to agree to categorize pizza as a vegetable. Fortunately none of this is finalized to date and hopefully some extensive media coverage, including the NY Times, will impact this absurd recommendation. All of this is a subversive reaction by the food industry lobbyists to impact the trend toward healthier school lunch programs.

Shows like Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution have pushed this conversation into the national agenda and industry is finding ways to re-categorize their products so as not to impact profits.

In our household, pizza is not a vegetable. It is simply a main course we eat when a meal has turned out inedible (aka a bad recipe) or as a special treat for the family.  I’m still working on the boys liking Il Cane Rosso or Dough as a preferred option over California Pizza Kitchen. Until that happens, they will continue to prepare for a legal battle with CPK’s corporate lawyers.