Our household is pretty good about brushing our teeth.  Every morning and every night before bed the boys have to get ready, that includes brushing.  My wife and I used to do all the brushing for them, but as they got older we have turned the reigns of responsibility over to them.  Of course, this now means a less than rigorous attempt at cleaning one’s mouth for the satisfaction of getting said “chore” done as early as possible.

The Firefly company reached out to me a couple weeks back sharing information and sending a pair of toothbrushes that are Star Wars themed.  They come in Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi styles.  You get a choice of being good or bad.  Funny thing is when the toothbrushes arrived, the boys fought over who was going to be the good guy. Apparently, I’m raising freedom fighting rebels, not members of the dark side – parenting win for us parents!

I’m personally a bigger Star Wars fan than our boys and I’m hoping that will change a bit as the new series of films arrive over the coming years.  Seeing old movies with dad is fine, but you want something to feel like your own to really love it. Here’s to J.J. Abrams getting it right and making Star Wars as awesome for my kids’ childhood as it was for mine.  So, the Star Wars themed toothbrushes were cool, but they weren’t that much of a draw for the boys until they found out they make lightsaber sounds and they could battle each other.


The battle then took place. Eventually, they did brush their teeth.  My wife and I really liked how the toothbrushes timed one minute of sound and character voices to help the boys take the time to brush longer than they normally do.  Amazingly, they stuck to it and fingers crossed the novelty doesn’t wear-off.

My wife was somewhat interested in having her own adult version after she heard Ewan McGregor’s voice.  Perhaps Firefly can make a version from Moulin Rouge that has McGregor signing for one minute to help adults brush longer too.

If you’re interested in learning more and possibly winning a trip for four to a California amusement park, checkout the Firefly #BrushBattle Facebook page and enter their Sweepstakes. (You must enter before June 30, 2015.)


Also, as if it’s not obvious enough already in life, you can learn more about the benefits of brushing your teeth.

Kids In Crisis Infographic

Disclosure:  I received free products from Firefly for this article. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My experience may differ from yours.