Sweet Potato Wontons

Some recipes are meant for the weekend, not after work. This recipe is one of those. I had planned on making the filling the night before so I could save some time after work. Doing so would’ve made this a good weekday after work recipe, but that never happened and I ended up spending a couple hours making the filling, wontons, dipping sauce and rice.

Pan frying the sweet potato and butternut squash takes some time.  I would recommend steaming the sweet potato and squash for 10 minutes prior to pan frying. Using a food steamer will soften the vegetables before adding to the pan.  This should quicken the cooking at this step.

After the mixture is cooked, place everything into a bowl and roughly mash to combine ingredients and make it easier to use as filling for the wontons. You’ll only need a teaspoon sized scoop of the filling to place in the wonton wrapper.

Prepare as many wontons as you can with the filling. It makes somewhere between 20 to 30 pieces.

Full Recipe: Sweet Potato Wontons with Soy Garlic Dipping Sauce.

Here is a quick video I did showing how to wrap a wonton:

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  • emilylevenson

    These look great! Glad you enjoyed them.

    A few things to speed up the process: shred the sweet potato and squash. It will cook much faster, and cut down on prep time (especially if you have a cuisinart). Second, if you want to still chop, try cutting the pieces smaller.

    But I do agree that this is a more weekend kind of recipe. The folding and preparing of the wontons is time consuming! But so much fun.