For all the hate directed at Netflix last year, I still love them.  The fact that I can stream so many shows and movies is great and it’s still at an affordable price provided you use the service.  I do.

I was watching some old Gordon Ramsey shows with one episode that featured him traveling through India seeking out authentic Indian food.  Since I lack his production budget and time, I decided Google was good enough for my need.  That’s when I ran across the aptly named “Mr Singh Brings You Authentic Indian Recipes” website.

I found a simple butter chicken recipe to try out.  Like Ramsey’s show it focused on recipes that did not use cream and lots of butter like Americanized Indian restaurants do.

The recipe isn’t as rich in flavor as the Americanized Indian butter chicken, but it has its own distinctive benefits including a deeper flavor that showcase the spices more than the cream and butter.

This is a good recipe. However, I feel I can still find something better.

Click here for the full recipe: Butter Chicken.