Podcast Appearance: The BeanCast “I’m a Sloth”

On January 4, 2016, in Food, by Chris Baccus


This week I joined The BeanCast to discuss several marketing topics including the latest involving Chipotle and their issues with food safety.  You can download and subscribe to The BeanCast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcast content. I’ve done quite a few appearances on the BeanCast and always find Bob Knorpp to be a great host with interesting topics for the industry panel to discuss.

Here’s a link to this week’s full episode: http://www.thebeancast.com/beancast-marketing-podcast-show-archive/2016/1/4/beancast-381-im-a-sloth

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TV and The Political Candidate

Sources: NYMag on Trump, BI on Bush, Salon analysis of Trump move, Uproxx reports, National Review analysis

Wearable Marketing Trends

Sources: Skyword takes a look

The Native “Crackdown”

Sources: Ad Age reportsBusiness2Community reports

Chipotle’s Problems

Sources: WSJ reports



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Chipotle Uses Video to Promote Local Sourcing

On August 30, 2011, in Food, by Chris Baccus

My Bullshit Meter goes off when I see fast food chains trying to position themselves as being friendly and supportive of small farms. Some marketing of local food support is utter nonsense and downright missing the point. For example, we kept seeing billboards from McDonald’s stating how they use “Local Michigan Eggs” which left me wondering – And? And are those eggs from chickens treated humanly from non-factory farming operations without antibiotics and cramped miserable conditions?

I never took a picture of the McDonald’s local egg billboard, but they did other “localwashing” ads with products in the Northwest, “from here” campaign, looking to showcase local factory farms they source from.

The good news is Chipotle isn’t McDonald’s. They have quite a few initiatives ongoing around local food and improving the fast food supply chain. More here on the Haute Pasture blog: What is Food with Integrity?

And recently Chipotle announced they would double their efforts of sourcing locally from 5 million pounds to 10 million pounds of produce.

It’s also no coincidence the video features pigs instead of cows or chickens since Chipotle sources 100% of its pork from Niman Ranch, a company we buy from with a stellar reputation in the industry. Chipotle is trying to meet its “naturally raised” standards, but that has been more difficult to do.

In the end, I think Chipotle is serious and trying its best to demonstrate sustainable farming is possible as a source for fast food. I guess the video conveys this, but it is not very clear.

Basically, it’s nice imagery and music showing farm-to-Chipotle. There is no end message sharing what they are doing and I’m unsure others will get how focused Chipotle is on this topic. Perhaps their fans already know and this is simply a vehicle for their advocates to spread the more underlying message?

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