Saturday’s Coppell Farmers Market was freezing cold in the low 30s with heavy wind, but that didn’t stop me from stopping by for some local groceries including eggs.

One of my favorite ingredients to get local are eggs.  There is no alternative.  Store bought eggs look like they come from a factory with each egg mimicking the others in shape and size.

“Yard Eggs” are eggs from small family farms or gardeners who raise chickens and have more than their family needs.  They come in a variety of shapes and colors, my favorite being the bluish-green eggs that look like colored Easter Eggs in need of no vinegar dye.

The yolks are bright, bright yellow and hold their shape firmly.  Store-bought eggs have sat around longer since they were packed in a factory and shipped from another part of the country and then stocked by the store.

This blog show the difference in quality quite nicely, if you are interested in an unscientific comparison: The Egg Experiment.

If you want better tasting eggs go local and buy some like the ones I found from Hiram Farms in Willspoint, TX.