Dad Spotlight: Meal Delivery Services

I really enjoy my time chatting with Chris & Don on their podcast Dad Spotlight. This past week we discussed Meal Delivery Services. If you haven’t had a chance to read my review of six meal delivery services, please take a moment. And if not, here’s your chance to listen to me discuss our family’s […]

Star Wars and Battling the Dark Side of Our Teeth #BrushBattle

Our household is pretty good about brushing our teeth.  Every morning and every night before bed the boys have to get ready, that includes brushing.  My wife and I used to do all the brushing for them, but as they got older we have turned the reigns of responsibility over to them.  Of course, this now means […]

I Played Frogger for an Afternoon and Loved It

We are gamers.  That’s why we were high-fiving each other all week counting down the days for the Neon Retro Arcade to open last week.  It’s a new arcade that opened in Old Town Pasadena. It’s full of classic arcade games like Mario Bros, Q-bert, Frogger and many more. You buy unlimited play for $10 […]

A Moment to Reflect on Someone Very Special to Me

Last week I lost the relative I was closest to in my family, my grandma Laddie Yamada. She was quite the influence in my life and someone I will never forget. No one really forgets their grandparents, so that is nothing unusual; however, I had a situation with my grandparents that is still relatively unusual […]

Spending the Day Picking Berries

  A conversation at home. What are we going to do this long weekend? How about picking blueberries? Why? Can’t we just buy them already picked? But It’s fun. Really? Let’s just do it. What else is there to do today? And that is how we ended up at the Underwood Farm in Ventura County […]

An Appreciation for Home Cooking Begins at Home

I was reading an interview with food author Michael Pollan earlier today. He did an interview with Grub Street NY as part of the promotional tour for his new book Cooked. The interview talked a lot about Pollan’s experience with food through his family and mostly from his mother. This got me thinking about my […]

Gaming In-App Purchases and How to Prevent Them

I hate — emphasis on hate — games that use In-App Purchases (IAPs) especially games targeted at small children.  It’s been a vicious sneaky way for app developers to make some big money before parents wise up to what is going on while an innocent child doesn’t fully understand what they are doing to mom […]

Let the Robot War Begin!

Our son Theo told us about a year ago that he wants to be a “robot builder” and race car driver, when he is not building robots.  Oscar decided to join in the idea too. Fortunately, our move to California br0ught us a 10 minute drive to a Rolling Robots store where robot building can […]

Notes in a Lunchbox

No surprise to anyone who knows us or reads this blog regularly, but we rarely have the boys buy lunch from the school cafeteria. This is great in so many ways: #1: We control what our kids eat, not some school lunch meal planner. #2: I think it’s cheaper though doubtful with all the organic […]

Family Cooking Time: Pizza Balls

Getting our boys to eat something new is never easy; though, it’s a lot easier when we include them in cooking the meal. Tonight we did a recipe my wife found from the website Weelicious: Pizza Balls. Pizza is by far their favorite meal (unfortunately.) Making pizza a new way made it a bit more […]