Last night’s HBO Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a great example why our family moved to a sustainable food solution. If you didn’t see it, John took the chicken industry to task for treating its contract farmers like shit. Like chicken shit to be exact.

Here is the full clip that shows how big food, industrial meat production treats its chicken farmers. It’s not pretty and this doesn’t even get into how cruel factory farming is to the animals.

I came away watching the film Food Inc so many years ago with a similar disgust. Like then, what upset me watching Food Inc and last night’s John Oliver segment is how the meat industry covers up the reality of our food.

It’s dishonest and from an industry I have no desire to support.

In Food Inc, there were two parts that made me dramatically change how I eat and buy products to make at home. The first was with chicken farmers who were not allowed to show their chicken ranches to the filmmakers. The film did eventually find a chicken farmer who didn’t care about retaliation and showed the crew what was happening, not shockingly she lost her contract.

This was very similar to last night’s HBO episode. The whole covering everything up and hiding what is going on or pay the consequences of a big company ending your contract is very real. And you know what fuck them. This is why I don’t buy from Tyson, Perdue or other factory-farming producers. They refuse to be transparent so I take my food dollars to small farms and ranchers who are very open to letting us know what is happening with our food, before it’s food.

The second clip from Food Inc that changed my behavior was from a mother whose child contracted and soon died of E. coli due to a hamburger. The industry threatened her using Veggie Libel Laws that again prevented any truth or transparency to happen. NOTE: This clip is really hard to watch and I get so angry and my eyes water watching it.

The big food companies can keep doing things like removing antibiotics from their products and think they are having an impact on smart consumers who care about where their food comes from. Big flippin’ deal. I don’t care.

What I care about is they move away from hiding their shame and stop threatening farmers and customers from telling the world what is happening. Until that happens and I can see what they are doing to produce the food my family eats, they can count me out as a customer forever.