What’s Your Food Truck Name?

On January 23, 2013, in Food, by Chris Baccus

Ever wonder what your Food Truck name is?  Mystery solved.

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Long Queues at the Texas State Veggie Fair

On October 25, 2011, in Family, Food, by Chris Baccus

Walking up the hill to the Texas State Veggie Fair

Last Sunday marked the 2nd Annual Texas Veggie State Fair. Yes, I said “veggie” State Fair, not to be confused with the one full of fried foods and pig races. You won’t find any of that here. Instead, what you will find are several food trucks, some vegan lifestyle demos, and a bouncy house for kids. What’s most noticeable though are the really long lines where people wait for food.

We arrived 2 hours into the event at 1pm as the Jackalope Mobile Vegan Kitchen truck ran out of food. A neighboring truck called Geonarino’s was still serving food as was one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas – Spiral Diner. We decided to go with Geonarino’s since we had never tried them. Plus they were serving vegan pizza, something the boys would definitely eat.

I spent 35 minutes in line waiting to order 3 pizzas and another 25 minutes waiting for my placed order to be ready. Here is what I received:

A 1 Hour Wait for a Sad Vegan Pizza

It was the saddest “pizza” I’ve ever seen. The boys didn’t really care because it was all dough and, for all its sadness, the dough was tasty. The toppings needed some work. For $5, a splash of crushed tomatoes and 4 shreds of vegan cheese was almost riot worthy. I’m surprised the crowd, which looked like it was taking an afternoon off from #OccupyDallas, kept calm even after such sorry food.

My guess is the event attendees were good enough with Dallas actually having a Texas State Veggie Fair, even if the food was lacking and the lines were horrendously long. Just knowing more than 5 people enjoy vegan food in Texas, outside of Austin, is a revelation and will probably save this event from the failure it unfortunately deserves.

The waiting begins and never ended

Hopefully, this year’s strong turnout will cause more vendors to come. I really do want this to succeed but if I have to wait a hour for “pizza” and longer than 40 minutes for a smoothie – and don’t get me talking about how disgusting the bathroom was — I’ll find something better to do with a Sunday afternoon.