How Long Can You Store Your Frozen Food?

On August 31, 2016, in Food, by Chris Baccus

I live with an untrained health food inspector. Really. Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes when my wife and I have conversations around how long has <insert food item> been in the freezer? Plus we have debates about how long after a “best buy” date can you still eat something.

Fortunately, Freezer Labels .Net sent me an easy to use diagram showing recommended freezer storage times so I can pull up this blog post and find the answer faster than I can scrape off freezer burn on the ice cream.

Frozen Food - Recommended Storage Times

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Freezer Cooking: Easying Meal Planning in One Evening

On March 1, 2009, in Food, by Chris Baccus

There is nothing really special here recipe wise; instead, I wanted share an approach to cooking I have taken up in the past six months — freezer cooking. Freezer cooking is all about preparing the same recipe 3 or 4 times at one sitting and freezing each meal portion separately for use on another day. I find making 3 or 4 recipes three times each takes about one or two hours (depending on complexity of the recipes) that you can do any evening after work. This way you now have about 15 meals that require no thinking over the coming two months by spreading out your freezer meals from your normal cooking.

There are a few cookbooks I use to do freezer cooking that I have found helpful:

Fix, Freeze, Feast: Prepare in Bulk and Enjoy by the Serving
. This one is my favorite. I haven’t had any issue with the recipes. The blackjack flank steak recipe is very good that is made using balsamic vinegar. Great flavor.

Don’t Panic: Dinner’s in the Freezer. A couple bombs in here, like the Hawaiian chicken that was aweful, but there are some good like the Raspberry chicken.

Of course there are places where you can do food prep and bring the meals home. My wife tried this once at Super Suppers and the meals were good. I just find I don’t have the time to head over to a place and spend a couple hours preping meals, so I do the home method but I do recommend the places like Super Suppers as we have had great success with their menu.

Freezer cooking is just a great way to take some of the thinking out of cooking every day by making meal planning easier. Also, if you do it yourself, you can save money too if you approach your meals with cost budgeting in mind.

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