I want a deep fryer. In fact, I’ve wanted one for a number of years.  Not because I want to fry everything. I don’t.  But when it comes to fries and tempura and some other cooking efforts that work better with food submerged in oil than in a 1-inch puddle of oil, a deep fryer would be very helpful.


So without a proper deep fryer in the kitchen, I have often skipped making fried chicken.  Oh and the reason there is no deep fryer is because I’m told having one will cause our family to deep fry things and well that’s not a healthy way to cook, so why let that temptation enter the kitchen?  I get it. I really do, so I pick my battles and having a deep fryer isn’t that important.


Buttermilk fried chicken recipes are some of my favorites and I ran across one from the Jo Cooks website on Pinterest a few weeks back that I wanted to tryout.

I cut the recipe ingredients in half since I was only making two large bone-in chicken breasts.

The batter is simple to make and the process of dredging in flour first and then dipping into the wet mixture and finally dredging in flour again makes for a thick crust.


The breasts I bought from Whole Foods were Heirloom Organic Mary’s Chicken and were really big.  Too big in my opinion since they took quite a long time to cook the meat through and this caused the batter to get too brown, not burnt, but not as golden as I wanted. So my advice is to make sure you use smaller chicken breasts and also use a paring knife to cup into the breast so it cooks fully through.


You also want to make sure the pan isn’t crowded like it is in the photo above.

In the end, the recipe made some good pan fried chicken.  I’d like a bit more flavor from the batter so I will likely play around more with this recipe or try another to see what else is possible.  If you have a favorite fried chicken recipe, please feel free to share it in the comments.

For the Recipe: [Jo’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken