I Played Frogger for an Afternoon and Loved It

On February 3, 2015, in Family, by Chris Baccus


We are gamers.  That’s why we were high-fiving each other all week counting down the days for the Neon Retro Arcade to open last week.  It’s a new arcade that opened in Old Town Pasadena. It’s full of classic arcade games like Mario Bros, Q-bert, Frogger and many more.

You buy unlimited play for $10 a hour.  So for $30 the boys and I went game to game playing tons of video games I hadn’t played in about 30 years and they had never played before. How did a bunch of 8-bit games excite two 8 year olds?  They loved it!  They had a great time playing the classics. Plus how awesome is it not having to worry about running out of quarters?


We can’t wait to come back.  We all had a blast taking a break from our systems at home.  Neon Retro Arcade is soon adding a menu thanks to the restaurant next store. Just note there are no alcoholic drinks due to city code.

If you find the time, take a trip to Neon Retro Arcade and see if you can beat my high score on Frogger, though I’m sure it no longer stands.


28 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

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It’s E3 Time and the Requests Come Pouring In

On June 11, 2014, in Family, by Chris Baccus


One of the best things about my job is the respect I get at home from our two boys in early June. I get some respect other times too, though, if I’m being honest, it’s when a new Nintendo game is released. In early June Los Angeles hosts E3. E3 is basically CES for gamers and with two developing hardcore gamers at home, the attention to what I do at work increases a million fold.

This morning I decided to “reward” breakfast for the last day of Second Grade with an iPad viewing of Nintendo’s Digital Event showcasing all the coming games. They were mesmerized (see mesmerized photo below.)


After the viewing and getting dressed and ready for school, I was presented a handwritten note from Theo telling me to give this to “The President of Nintendo.”


A few things to point out in the note. I love how “from: Theo” changed to “love: Theo” after he decided to add a request for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros to his letter. Apparently, in the mind of an 8-year old, if you are going to ask for something you better end the request with some love. Smart kid.

I also like how the Mii character is going to create “Sensei” is going to be “powerful” so you better watch out per the “WARNING.”

I have yet to deliver said note, but will before E3 is over.  I’m guessing he’ll have to wait until Holiday 2014 for the game.


Fortunately, the day Theo gave me his letter was also the evening of our Nintendo team dinner. I was right on time and there was a small group already there, including Nintendo of America’s President and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime. So I presented the letter to him.  Here is the result.


When I gave it to Theo the next morning and read the “No. Not Now… But Soon.”  Theo asked me, “didn’t he see my warning?”

He’s a tough and determined kid, but I know one thing is for sure… when Super Smash Bros comes out this house is going to be playing it a ton!!!


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