Reviewing Six Meal Delivery Services Including Blue Apron, Plated, Sun Basket, Gobble, Green Chef and The Purple Carrot

A friend of mine posted on Facebook if any of her friends used services like Blue Apron. I had been considering it for sometime, but just never took the next step of committing to an order. With some renewed curiosity, I decided now was the time to look into a meal delivery service. What I found immediately is how competitive the market is with a ton of companies trying to [&hellip

An Appreciation for Home Cooking Begins at Home

I was reading an interview with food author Michael Pollan earlier today. He did an interview with Grub Street NY as part of the promotional tour for his new book Cooked. The interview talked a lot about Pollan’s experience with food through his family and mostly from his mother. This got me thinking about my own personal experience with food, especially the early days.  I grew up in the late [&hellip

Michael Pollan at SMU

I had the pleasure yesterday of seeing author Michael Pollan twice.  First at a student Q&A session for a hour in the late afternoon and then later that evening when he gave his talk about Food Rules at the Tate Lecture Series. As always, Pollan was insightful, thought provoking, and funny.  He entered the stage as if he just returned from grocery shopping carrying about 5 plastic bags full of [&hellip

A Case for “Special Occasion Food”

  I predominantly make sustainable food choices.  Eating three to four times a week vegetarian, buying my food from local, small farms, and shopping organic when local options are unavailable make up how our family eats.  A big part of being sustainable is avoiding processed and fast foods. That said it is great making better food decisions, but having a rigid relationship with food takes the enjoyment out of eating [&hellip

Supermarket Pastoral: An Introduction

What is “Supermarket Pastoral”? A full definition is here on the NY Times website. In brief, it’s a phrase developed by author Michael Pollan referring to companies marketing the bucolic life of our food’s origins through their use of language on packaging. I read a lot of supermarket pastoral as I frequently visit small, health focused grocery stores and of course the best known of these is Whole Foods. We [&hellip