Coppa Street Tacos

Last weekend I had a chance to stop by my favorite LA butcher, Lindy & Grundy.  They carry a selection of local, pasture raised, and organic meats. Unlike most visits, I didn’t have a plan of what I wanted to buy and found a cut of boneless pork shoulder, coppa, next to my typical bone-in […]

Spotlight On "Fresh" Orange Juice

One thing films like Food Inc and authors like Michael Pollan have caused me to do is ask where does my food come from. We buy 95% of our meats from a local ranch and about 40% of our food from local farmer’s markets during the late spring to early fall months. The rest of […]

What to do with a Dragon Fruit? Will It Blend?

I was at Jimmy’s Food Store, an Italian market in downtown Dallas, picking up some pancetta for another recipe and noticed a peculiar, yet beautiful pink fruit. It is called Dragon Fruit and sold that day for $3.99. I bought one unsure what I would or could do with it. It was definitely an impulse, […]

VitaMix, VitaAddicted

My wife Stephanie kept looking into buying a VitaMix blender. We owned a perfectly fine Cruisinart blender that well blended things and quite honestly we rarely used it. So why did we need some $500 blender?! Who knows but I figured as we moved into our new home that a house warming gift was in […]