Dad Spotlight: Meal Delivery Services

On February 25, 2016, in Food, by Chris Baccus

dadspotlightepisode60I really enjoy my time chatting with Chris & Don on their podcast Dad Spotlight. This past week we discussed Meal Delivery Services. If you haven’t had a chance to read my review of six meal delivery services, please take a moment. And if not, here’s your chance to listen to me discuss our family’s experience.

Plus, Chris & Don ask some great questions about the review that I didn’t cover in my write-up.

You can click here to listen to the full episode and please remember to Subscribe to the podcast:

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Dad Spotlight: Mexican Food

On February 18, 2016, in Food, by Chris Baccus

Mexican-Food1I enjoyed another appearance on the podcast Dad Spotlight last month where Chris, Don and I discussed Mexican food and cooking for your family.   One of my favorite things about Mexican food is that you can easily remove or add things without a lot of hassle in case a child doesn’t want onions or tomatoes.

We discussed quite a few recipes, including many from this blog.

If you haven’t subscribed to the Dad Spotlight podcast, I highly recommend doing so. They have many excellent guests coming from a variety of parenting perspectives on a host of interesting topics. I’m happy to be a regular there talking about food and family.  So stay tuned for some future shows too and if you missed my appearance on Thanksgiving check that out as well.


Podcast Appearance: The BeanCast “I’m a Sloth”

On January 4, 2016, in Food, by Chris Baccus


This week I joined The BeanCast to discuss several marketing topics including the latest involving Chipotle and their issues with food safety.  You can download and subscribe to The BeanCast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcast content. I’ve done quite a few appearances on the BeanCast and always find Bob Knorpp to be a great host with interesting topics for the industry panel to discuss.

Here’s a link to this week’s full episode:

And don’t forget to Subscribe to the show! Subscribe here.



TV and The Political Candidate

Sources: NYMag on Trump, BI on Bush, Salon analysis of Trump move, Uproxx reports, National Review analysis

Wearable Marketing Trends

Sources: Skyword takes a look

The Native “Crackdown”

Sources: Ad Age reportsBusiness2Community reports

Chipotle’s Problems

Sources: WSJ reports



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I’ve Joined the Dad Spotlight Podcast to Talk Food

On November 21, 2015, in Food, by Chris Baccus


I’ve been writing about food since 2009 on this blog and even earlier with my former Detroit Eats website back in 1997.  I haven’t done much with video or audio when it comes to food, but that is changing as I am going to make some appearances on the Podcast Dad Spotlight starting this month.  My first appearance came this past week on Episode 32: Thanksgiving Recipes You’ll Love.

Dad Spotlight is a great podcast I’ve been enjoying as a listener the past couple months and when I heard they were losing their food expert, I reached out to the hosts Chris and Don to see about possibly joining them for talks around food and family.

I’ll be promoting dates of when I’m on the show here on this website so you can catch each appearance. I also highly recommend subscribing to the show on iTunes: Subscribe to Dad Spotlight.

You can also learn more about the show and subscribe to the newsletter on the website.

So please join me there as we discuss some great dishes at home, what cooking means for families, showcase how dads are not just for barbecuing, and so much more!


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