This is definitely a vote for Yucky

There is pretty simple voting system when it comes to trying new food in our house.  Our identical twin boys Oscar and Theo do their best Siskel & Ebert impressions. Instead of a dull thumbs up or thumbs down they add their own twist.  Basically there are three votes:

Yummy: Thumbs up.

Yucky: Thumbs down.

Kinda Yummy, Kinda Yucky: One thumb up and the other thumb down. This one can mean several things. They like a flavor in the food, but not all the flavors. Or they like all the flavors but not the texture.

The above image of Theo came one afternoon after trying some arugula. We have a tradition you have to try something new when we parents have a food item the boys haven’t tried yet or tried awhile ago and we are hoping opinion has shifted to the Yummy status.

And in case you’re wondering, identical twins do not have identical tastes. The boys do like different things so we may get a Yummy from Theo and a Yucky from Oscar; though, arugula was an unanimous Yucky.