What's coming up the week of Sept 1, 2012!

It’s Saturday morning and every Saturday morning has come to involve weekly meal planning.  It takes me probably a good 20 minutes to figure out what I’ll be making for the family in the coming week.

What I need for this week's plan

Sometimes that plan is more reactionary after I have spent the morning at the Farmers’ Market and wonder what to do with what I found, but most of the time I come with a plan before I buy anything at the markets.  This usually involves some time on Pinterest where I save recipes I find online that I plan to make. Checkout my Mostly Vegetarian board for what’s coming up and what I’ve done already.

The plan comes together on my iPad and smartphone (I’m really loving my Samsung Galaxy Exhilerate, best Android phone in my opinion. Small and full of functionality, plus some of the best photos I’ve taken on a camera.) It all begins with filling out  the days of the week and finding a mix of dishes I want to make.  We also decided a couple years ago to do 3-4 vegetarian meals a week to reduce our meat intake.

As I enter the meals, I enter my grocery list into my smartphone so I can have that with me at the markets. The iPad is best for storing the meal plans since I can prop the iPad up and view recipes while making the meals.

So this is what works for me. I’m curious what works for you. Do you have any habits or is your week’s plan made up of whatever you have in the fridge that day?